About the Study

The A+CHIS project is focused on developing a user-centric, adaptable, and interactive information system on Type 2 diabetes for patients, their relatives, and interested parties. It is conducted by the universities of Graz: TU Graz, Med Uni Graz, and Uni Graz, and is funded by the FWF.

Objective of the Focus Group

The focus group aims to gather insights into the information needs of Type 2 diabetes patients, preferred sources of information, and helpful ways of presenting information.

Online Format Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the focus group will be conducted online via the "uniMeet" video conferencing tool.

Compensation and Confidentiality

Participants will be compensated with €20 after the completion of the focus group. The data will be treated confidentially, and all personal information will be anonymized. The Ethics Committee of the University of Graz has approved the study.

Join the Study

We invite you to participate in the focus group to help us develop a better understanding of the information needs of Type 2 diabetes patients.

This PDF document PDF document provides you with more information about the structure and process of the "Focus Groups with Patients and Relatives" study. To get in touch, please use our registration form or contact us directly via email ( Please do not hesitate to use the email to ask any questions you may have.

Image of the Poster for Diabetes Interviews

Be a Part of Our Research Study

Improve our health information system by testing our A+CHIS web app. Contribute to evidence-based knowledge and a personalized consumer health system.

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